Saturday, 30 July 2016

#AASG30daychallenge day 11

31st July 2016

Today I did loads more stencilling. Used Jade, Yellow, Blue, Red, Black, Mauve, Quinacridone Nickel Azo gold, Green/yellow & Gold. It's no longer intuitive, I know where I'm going with this now.

Friday, 29 July 2016

#AASG30daychallenge day 10

29th July 2016

Hi everyone, today I looked at the canvas & I did not like those turquoise drips at all. So I used stencils & stamps to camouflage the lines a bit. Using the same colour as the lines & the pale blue I randomly stencilled & stamped different shapes. Then a little yellow touch with a stamp with tiny circles, then pink stencilling.  I like it much better now. The depth of colours is amazing.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

#AASG30daychallenge day 9

28th July 2016

Not much done today. I brushed a light coat of pale blue paint over the top half. Then a light brush of white in a few spots over that.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

#AASG30daychallenge day 8

27th July 2016

This is looking like a hot mess now. I had loads of time today so I did heaps on this canvas. I wanted to push it back a bit again so used the brayer with 3 paints, Viridian, Yellow/green & white. Then I wanted to add more texture so I glued on doileys, then lightly brayered over them with Lite Magenta, Pale Pink, Bittersweet Orange & white. It looked a bit flat, so using my fingers I rubbed on some more Veridian. Not finished yet! I dripped yellow ink & Turquoise paint. It still looks flat, but it's ok.

Monday, 25 July 2016

#AASG30daychallenge day 7

26th July 2016

I didn't really want to do this today, but I made myself do it! So glad I did. I had a ball. I went mad with paint pens, drawing shapes with them. Used purple, blue, green, burgundy & black. With the black I also scribbled all over it. Then I used red ink, sprayed with water & made drips.

#AASG30daychallenge day 6

25th July 2016

Today I hosted a Gelli printing/card making class in my craft room, & I had the delightful company of 6 other women busily making their cards. It was a full on day, & I just crashed when they left. So after a nap I tackled the painting. Very simple today, I just put some yellow & blue paint on the gelli plate, & used a foam spotty stamp to stamp the spots all over. Then used white paint through a piece of sequin waste to add a bit of texture.


My demo cards for the class today

Saturday, 23 July 2016

#AASG30daychallenge day 5

July 24th 2016.

 Well, today didn't go as planned, but it turned out Fabulous.

I mixed  up some paint & water in a brand new spray bottle. Started spraying & all I could get were blobs, so I put it into another spray bottle & that was a little better. The idea was to spray through a doily stencil. Total disaster. Ok, so I thought I'd use the paint to do drips & splatters. That was to slow, so I thought, Lets pour some at the top. Oops! Huge puddle! So just made more huge puddles & sprayed & let it drip each way. Then more splatters all over.  I wiped the paint off a few spots to bring back the gelli prints. It's not what I had in mind for today, but I love how it turned out. I loved that I didn't panic when I saw that first puddle, & that I just went with it. The photo does not do this justice.

Friday, 22 July 2016

#AASG30daychallenge Day 4

23rd july 2016.

This morning I looked at yesterday's work & lovingly touched the canvas. But I knew I had to cover it with another layer. I used white gesso & my brayer to put a light coat of white all over. This was good, as it pushed back some of the darker colours.

Once again using the brayer, I added a really dark yellow mixed with a bit of white. 

I really liked this, but wanted a bit more, so I brayered on some fluorescent pink.

Oh my! I love this, I would be happy to put that on my wall now!
26 more days to go though.

#AASG30daychallenge day 3

22nd July 2016

Today I decided I would do collage. So out 

came two of my favourite gelli prints, clean 

up tissue paper & book pages. I glued them 

on randomly with decoupage glue.

 I thought I was done, so I took the 

photograph, & then thought, nah, needs

more, so, as I love Tim Holtz butterflies 

& music tissue paper, that was the obvious 

choice. I'm liking what is happening, & 

the finish of day 3 is below.


So far all 3 layers are still visible, & it's looking prettier.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

#AASG30daychallenge day 2

21st July 2016

#AASG30daychallenge day 2

Today I decided to use Black & White & one other colour which was a dark aqua.
I started out by writing with Black paint, the words, "Let go, have fun, create". Then using a circle shape I stamped with the black paint. Sprayed with water & created some drips. Stencilled using white paint & stamped white circles as well. Did more drips from the tops using the 3 paints. Then I painted inside the white circles with the aqua. I then used a sponge to mop up the rest of the aqua & dabbed it all over. Forgot to mention yesterday that the canvas is 60cm x 90cm.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

As you can see by the lack of previous posts, I'm not much of a blogger.

20th July 2016

I have decided to join Louise Kirby & others from the Australian Art Swap group & do #AASG30daychallenge. So, 30 days of painting on the one canvas.
Today I started with a new canvas, & chose Red, Yellow, Blue & white to paint with. I started with a foam brush  & wasn't to happy with that, so progressed to a brush & then my fingers. I didn't take any progress shots as I had too much paint on my hands. Sprayed water from time to time as well.Then I used one of my homemade pattern makers to make marks.I'm ok with how it turned out, but I hope it doesn't look anything like this when it's finished.