Saturday, 13 August 2016

#AASG30daychallenge day 20

13th August 2016

After a few days break, I got down to business again. I started on the house, removed the tree trunk that was in front of the path, & re-did the rock border. I drew in a faint horizon line with brown pen, & extended the tree trunk on the far left to bring it down to the line. I mostly worked on the left side of the path, where I painted grass at the bottom of the trees & house, & in numerous places elsewhere. I'm loving the grassy areas, but I'm not keen on the house as yet. I also sponged through a stencil the leftover red paint here & there. With a black paint pen I did a little bit of outlining on the trees as well. I scratched into the paint on the house walls to make it look like boards, but it's not showing up, so will go over it with a pen.

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